Levy-Lustig \ Architecture and interior design

Two architects with an urban vision on one hand, and a strong interest in internal design on the other.

Our office is involved in planning and design of residential housing and apartments, work environments and recreation facilities. Planning process is an experience for us, just as its outcome will be for the cilent and the buildings' users.
The office is also involved in projects dealing with residential condensation, through a gevernmental program aimed to achieve buildings' inforcement for a better chance of outcoming earthquakes ("tama 38"). Such projects, of various entrepreneurs are found in Tel-aviv, Ramat-Gan, Rishon Lezion, Holon and Bat-Yam. We believe that such projects are a step in urban renewal.

As architects, our role is to create the optimum space for our clients. As architects who are dedicated to internal design, we know how to give the space the right atmosphere suitable for the client by means of proper integration of materials, meticulous lighting and carpentry design.
The essential integration of architectur and interior design is presented in our work, no matter the size of  the project.

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